Hemp’dIn, LLC is a mission-based company focused on creating an eco-friendly environment that puts farmers first by providing educational conferences and discounts to the farmers who attend. Hemp’dIn has worked hard on establishing relationships with many of the leading companies in the hemp industry to get discounted rates on seeds, clones, nutrients, field data management systems, testing, etc. With the 15,000+ different uses for hemp, Hemp’dIn is working with those who are establishing infrastructure back into the U.S. for industrial hemp applications and additional revenue sources. Hemp’dIn also has established relationships with multi-processing labs in the U.S. to supply biomass and to offer tolling options of crude, full spectrum distillate, THC free distillate, and isolate, helping farmers diversify and monetize.

What makes Hemp’dIn different?
We have created a platform for our members that brings discounted prices to ONLY our Hemp’dIn members from our Hemp’dIn network of preferred vendors. There are no other upfront costs for the farmers to work with Hemp’dIn. We have already worked that out for you with our trusted and preferred vendors. That means only SAVINGS for a farmer to be a Hemp’dIn member. When we say we put farmers first, we mean it!

Hemp’dIn co-founder and CEO, Corey, was impacted early in life by using cannabinoids found in the hemp plant to help reverse the effects of Crohn’s disease; fiancé and cofounder Taylor discovered the power of cannabinoids when her daughter, Evie, was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood liver cancer. While the use of cannabinoids did not save Evie’s life, it gave her a quality of life that Taylor and Corey couldn’t provide using conventional medicine. Hemp’dIn donates a portion of proceeds from all sales transactions to the Evie Everlasting foundation, a 501c3 non-profit focused on helping pediatric cancer patients and their families during their time of need and desperation. To learn more checkout www.hempdin.com or www.evieeverlasting.org.